Self Pay

Self Pay Clients

“Self Pay Clients” pay for sessions entirely out-of-pocket in accordance with the Fee Schedule set forth in the Contract for Professional Services. North Shore Counseling accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. A typical weekly session costs $150 for 53 minutes. When cash is paid, clients are provided a hand-written receipt to document the cash transaction. A more detailed invoice can be provided upon request.

Reduced Fees

“Reduced Fees” are offered to clients who have extenuating financial circumstances. Clients who wish to apply for a reduced fee need to complete the Reduced Fee Application and submit it before scheduling their first appointment. Standard session rates will apply until the Application is processed. Applications can be faxed to (847) 205-0377. Clients who wish to pay “reduced fees” cannot bill through insurance, as — according to our contract with insurance companies — we are not allowed to waive copays and deductibles for insurance clients.