Individual Counseling

Some common issues that bring people in for individual counseling include…

  • Difficulties in marriage and family relationships
  • Depression or feeling “stuck”
  • Stress — feeling constantly overworked and tired
  • Anger Management — losing it with the ones you love
  • Career stagnation/discontent
  • Anxiety or excessive worrying
  • Unresolved Trauma / Abuse
  • Poor Body Image / Emotional Eating
  • Loneliness
  • Grief and loss

Our counselors are trained to handle a broad range of issues and will work with you to develop a plan to move forward.

If you are considering counseling for yourself please follow these steps…

Step 1. Browse our counselors profiles and see if one in particular resonates with your situation.

Step 2. Call the counselor directly. This is a no obligation call. If you are not sure which counselor is best for you contact Victoria Fleming, our Intake Coordinator, on (847) 412-8000 to find out who can best meet your needs. Each counselor schedules their own appointments so calling directly will answer all your questions.

Step 3. We can advise you on how to contact your insurance company to see exactly what your out of pocket expenses would be for a session. See our Payment Options page.