Family Counseling

Family relationships are the cornerstone of our human experience. If your family is not a source of joy and support to you as you venture into the world, perhaps some counseling can help.

How Counseling Can Help Families

  • Learn to communicate without yelling
  • Start building respectful relationships
  • Understand the difference between supporting and smothering
  • Balance the “me,” the “them,” and the “us” in your household

Family relationships are defined by change. As children grow and change, so must the parenting and the partnering. Family counseling can help you to navigate all the changes!

Family counseling can be helpful when one family member is dealing with a difficult personal issue. Tension can build in all relationships with disagreements over how to deal with a situation. Counseling for the family can re-establish respect, boundaries, and a common support structure to allow all family members to develop healthy relationships.

Please browse our counselor profiles and contact one of our counselors directly to discuss if family counseling might be right for you.