Counseling for Children

Specialized counseling for children ages 5 through 12 is available from our counselors who are specifically training and experienced with this age range.

Child counseling can often help coping with the following…

  • Stress and changes associated with separated parents,
  • Peer rejection and issues at school,
  • Defiance and rebellion,
  • Parenting changes after a divorce.

Unfortunately, many hurried children are experiencing issues traditionally reserved for teenagers (body image issues, eating disorders, drug experimentation, bullying at home or school). We tailor our sessions to the needs of each child.

Children experiencing separation or divorce may have difficulty processing two parental structures, or be unsure about their place and role in the new family dynamic. Techniques will vary by age and child, but usually involve talk therapy, play therapy, and art therapy, and sessions with and without the parents.

Call Brian McCallum at 847.942.7454 for more information about child counseling.

Court Ordered Counseling

North Shore Counseling is experienced in dealing with court mandated counseling and can work with attorneys and ‘guardian ad litems’ (children’s advocates) to facilitate the best counseling for a child or family. In some situations it might be best to provide separate counselors for different family members.

For more information, contact Dr. Victoria Fleming at (847) 412-8000.